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Bob Akmens Sports: How To Win Betting Soccer - Part 1 of 2

Bob Akmens Sports @ is America's #1-Documented Top Sports Handicapper with 163 #1 Contest-Category Finishes since 1978. Consider what we've accomplished so far just in the start of 2008: we're the defending NFL handicapping champs of the U.S. (#1 in NFL...

Powerlifting: The Mentality

Mark Bell & Brandon Lilly talk about the mindset of a lifter, savagery ensues. Many Clips Courtesy of and the PowerProject Songs: One (Cover) - Apocolyptica One - Metallica Check out Mark Bell's PowerProject here! : Check out...

Chestbrah- Life Without Boundaries [Motivational Speech] [HD]

*OFFICIAL FACEBOOK FANPAGE* Said 'Chestbrah' Shavershian's motivational speech, set to Hans Zimmer's 'Time', compiled with footage from Zyzz's life. Put your headphones on max, switch to HD, turn your lights off and enjoy. If you would like this on...