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Once Upon A Time | Counting Stars

Best Quality: 720p HD Footage — Once Upon A Time Song : - Counting Stars by One Republic Software : Sony Vegas Pro 12 Edited by me I own nothing.

it's an end, not a beginning | killian jones [TJC]

"I think it means she's finally starting to see me for the man I am; A man of honour." ; ♔ { HD please ♡ } → Song listed at the end of the video; please don't ask. My goodness, this vid has given me so much grief between trying to get it uploaded by the deadline between family Christmas...

Can't Pretend | Epic Love (Multifandom).

Hours to make. Seconds to comment. Tumblr: First, thanks for all the suggestions for shows/ship to use. I literally did everything I could to include all of them. Second, major spoiler warning. And violence/gore warning (for the bloody death scenes). I got...

  • gss42x
  • Durée: 2:34 min.
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Carrie and Quinn [Homeland] - Can't Pretend

Watch in HD please. The video is mostly from Quinn's POV. IDK if the song is very fitting, but I love it, and also I had a hard time finding a song with suitable lyrics for these two. Hope you like it, comments are appreciated. Song: Can't Pretend Artist: Tom Odell DISCLAIMER: NO COPYRIGHTS...