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Fire Escape - Eric & Sookie (Unfinished)

Unfinished E/S Video from 2011!

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  • Durée: 2:30 min.
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Littlest Things || Multifandom

HD please ;) I made this like a year ago but never uploaded on yt but since I haven't done anything worth attention I decided to share this. Hope you still remember me ;)! Inspired by this opening:

Blind ; The Hunger Games

Decided to finish putting this together tonight! Feels great to make a fanvid again! It's such a free and creative form of editing :) Description: A deeper look into the significance Katnis and Peeta have to one another. Dedicated to : BlairWaldorfQueenB. Thank you for being so patient. Here's...

Katniss Everdeen - Collect Call

So glad I finally got around to this- I've been dying to vid Katniss/anything Hunger Games related forever! This is just a simple character study based on the first two films (although there's a mountain of moments I didn't get the chance to include ofc). Can't wait for the next movie. Hope you...

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